Monday, June 21, 2010

knowledge is key!

So we have been doing really well on our shopping trips. We area spending 60-80% less in groceries and non food. What I just realized though, is that you have to time your shopping.  Some of the best coupon sites like (IHEARTPUBLIX) list a preview of the upcoming sales. So, if you have a list of things you need, you may need to wait till the next sale to purchase. Funnily enough I just figured this out. I was making a grocery list, I was looking at a Domino sugar coupon $2.00/1 if you buy 10 packs of kool-aid. I was looking at the site above and she has a preview of the adds for 6/24,  low and behold if Domino sugar is not gonna be on sale for $2.49 for 5lb bag, its normally $3.99. So for  $2.00 I basically get 10 packs of kool-aid and 1-5lb bag of sugar. Instead of buying it today, I'm gonna wait untill Thursday.
 Who said waiting doesnt pay!

Side thought.. OMG... have you tried that Starbucks coffee ice cream? OMG.. it is to die for! The Signature hot chocolate ice cream, or the Carmel Machiato ice cream, fantastic!!! Its almost like having a real frappachino. My son didnt like the Machiato, but he's 10 and this is definitely an adult treat. But, he did love the hot chocolate one. I got a coupon from their website for $1.00/2. It's on sale at Publix BOGO.. so its really worth it. Now next week the Bluebell will be on sale for $3.99. Go here to get a $1.00/1 (you will have to sign up). My mother loves butter pecan ice cream.  Bluebell has by far the best butter pecan we have ever tasted. Its creamy, and smooth, and has the most pecans of any other ice cream. I mean each mouthful you get a pecan. It was just too good to be true. Going shopping tomorrow, will let you know how well I do...

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