Friday, July 2, 2010

I love the Curly Tub of BBQ chicken/beef. We got them free with the coupons $1.50/1 plus the $2.00/1 publix only coupons. So we got to try them out free. Since they are so good we are going back to buy 2 more. Make sure you buy some Publix coleslaw to put on the sandwhich if you eat them that way. I did by some of the bushes baked beans, they were BOGO too.

This is gonna be my next purchase. I do not have a food processor yet.  I saw on the Cooking channel, no it was on TLC John Besh has this new show, and he made a sauce with roasted red peppers and sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, onions. I think its called a Romescu? I'm gonna be trying it out soon.

Do you buy coupons? I know sometimes the coupons I need are just not in the Smartsource or Redplum on sunday. Or sometimes, I just dont have enough of a specific coupon. You know when items are BOGO or 2 for $$$ then you can use the 2 of the  $_/1 coupons. The one website I use most often is Mycouponhunter. She has a subscription service. So I decided to try it out. I am doing the 100 coupons for $15.00. I have already order 50 of them. The ones I need for my next 4 payperiods. I of course pick the ones that dont expire till July 31 or later.
One of the best deals by far is the Jimmy Dean bogo plus the $2.00/2. Which makes 2 rolls of jimmy dean sausage for $0.50-98. Great buy. If I can catch it on sale at Winn dixie for 2@ $4.00 then they will be free. Oh, and WD has the Premio italian sausage on sale again BOGO. I still have my coupon from facebook BOGO so the item is free.
If you wondering how the Buy 1 get 1 coupon works on and item that is buy 1 get 1 in the store. It works like this.  You buy 1 and the store buy's one, so you get 1 free. When you have a manufacturers coupon, then the store buy's 1 and the manufacturer buy's 1. So you get both items free. This is by far your best deal. So look out for BOGO coupons plus store sales of  BOGO.

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